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Why You Should Be Using Animated Whiteboard Videos in Your Marketing

Whiteboard animated videos are a must have tool for marketers needing to convey complex ideas in a memorable, actionable way.  You can nix the proverbial talking heads and expensive video production and replace them with high quality audio and real-time illustrations that come to life before your audience's eyes, whiteboard animation makes even the driest content compelling.  Consider the following before you create another one dimensional PowerPoint or traditional talking head video:

1.  Our process is surprisingly simple.

Producing a marketing video can be quite a challenge for anyone.  We use software video suite of tools to make the process quick and painless.  To articulate your message, we start with a creative brief to assess your goals, essential talking points for the video, and potential illustrations. Next, we write a script outline for approval, followed by storyboards for review.  Once the script is edited and approved, we select a voice over artist to do the audio.  When the audio is signed off on bu the client, our animator/art director is ready to roll.  Its the animator/art director's job to bring the storyboard to life for final approval.  

This entire process can be completed in a few weeks, with minimal time and input required from you and your team.  Our final cut is a professional quality production customized to illustrate your promotional offer, product introduction, re-brand, or internal process explainer.



2.  The cost is often an unexpected, lower than anticipated, pleasant surprise.

Making a marketing video of high-end product can be both time-consuming and pricey, especially if you are insistent upon good video and sound quality.  Our whiteboard animation video costs are easy to control and influence because you approve the script and storyboard in advance and you can trim everything to the basic essentials only.

3.  Experience tells us that whiteboard animated videos are compelling.

The metaphorical aspect of this medium, combined with displaying the full visual history on one canvas, provides a message format best-suited for long-term memory retention.  In other words, your target audience is more likely to retain the information seen in a whiteboard animation longer than presentations in other media.  Our animation style holds viewers' attention significantly longer than other types of videos, delivering higher viewer interest, retention and brand awareness.

The step-by-step unveiling of the key message points in anticipation of building, or revealing is like its own little reward to the viewer to keep on watching your message.





4.  Whiteboard animation video content is intrinsically viral. 

Our list of benefits includes Content, Media, and Social. One of the reasons you may already be familiar with whiteboard animation is because of some of the great videos being shared on social media. Whether being directly uploaded to YouTube, shared on Twitter, Facebook, or being used as content for your blog or website, we use whiteboard animation videos to give you engaging content that stands out.

Whiteboard animation videos have been shown to be three times more likely to be shared by an audience. This makes them perfect for brands trying to build their social network following.

We can integrate our whiteboard animation videos into existing presentation formats making it dead simple to integrate it into your existing presentation to help bring your messages to life. If you're a proficient user of PowerPoint, Prezzie, or Keynote we can breathe new life into them by including a whiteboard animated video.

There are various ways Henderson Robb Marketing can use whiteboard animation videos to bring value to your business.

If you’d like to know more about how we can use this powerful tool for your business just send me a quick email so we can put our heads together.

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Posted by Peter Henderson on August 03, 2017 10:23:AM

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