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You Need a Dedicated Landing Page for Every Inbound Marketing Campaign


Imagine you're on a tropical vacation.  You arrived at your resort late last night.  You're feeling a little groggy from jet lag, but the sun is shining.  So you decide to go to the sea for a swim.  You follow the signs for the seaside.  But when you get to the seaside... No white sandy beach.  No palm trees.  Only a stinky little harbor full of fishing boats.  

You'd be disappointed, wouldn't you?

This is exactly what happens online when your landing page doesn't live up to your promise.

What did you promise in your email?

Which wording did use?  As soon as you divert from your message or use a different tone of voice for your insurance brand, your reader starts to feel uncertain.  His/her resistance to your insurance company's sales message increases because you've not lived up to your promise so far.

Your landing page has to match the promise of  your brand, the tone of voice, the words of your upstream inbound marketing message - whether it's an email, a PPC ad, or social traffic.


Every Part of Your Inbound Marketing Campaign has One Job

You've heard that the headline is the most important copy you'll write for your landing page.  Insurance marketers put a lot of stock in - and pressure on - our headlines.  For the past ten or so years, digital content marketers have blogged relentlessly about how to write headlines, which as resulted in a massive accumulation of expectations placed on those six to twelve little words at the top of your page.  You may expect your headline to do all this:

  • Grab visitors' attention
  • Match the language on the call to action that drove visitors to the page
  • Help you rank for a keyword phrase
  • Get visitors to read the next line on the page
  • Express your value proposition
  • Summarize the content on the page
  • Convince people to sign up or buy

That's crazy.  No headline could do all of the above.

Your headline has one job.

Your subhead has one job.

Your body copy has one job.

Your form has one job.

Your button has one job.

Your confirmation has one job.


Think of the elements on your page as workers on an assembly line.  Every worker has her own job for which she is responsible.  Every job must be done well to keep the conveyor belt going; if one job along the line isn't done well, it makes it impossible for the other workers down the line to do their job.  Here are the jobs to consider when writing conversion copy for your inbound accountable marketing™ landing pages:

Headline - Keep arriving visitors on the page

Subhead - Move visitors to the body copy

Body Copy - Directly support the page goal

Social Proof - Turn naysayers into believers

Form Headline - Relieve anxiety about completing the page goal

Form - Get filled out

Button - Get clicked

Can each element do more work than they're responsible for?  Sure.  But if you make them responsible for jobs that should be done further down the line, you set them up for failure.  Although a headline can turn naysayers into believers, be careful not to expect every headline to do so.


The Converting Power of Landing Pages

If landing pages were super heroes, their super power would be their laser focus.  So when writing a landing page headline for your insurance business, make sure to take advantage of this super power by speaking to that page's traffic segment as directly as you can.  Think about who will be landing on that page, where they're coming from, and what they're looking for.  Let them know as quickly and clearly as you can that they're in the right place and that this page has what they want.

It's no match for x-ray vision, but it can cut down your bounce rate and boost your conversions to help make you a hero of your insurance company.

In our next blog post we'll discuss how Awareness dictates the page length for your landing pages.  If you need a leg up with the landing pages you need for lead generation in your insurance company talk to us, we're inbound marketing consultants in Toronto and we can help.  We'll start with making you a super hero!

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Posted by Peter Henderson on August 25, 2015 07:30:AM

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