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What the insurance industry needs to know about the C Word


If you work in insurance and you want to do some great content marketing, you don't need to spend four months and thousands of dollars on a video. 

Great content is about what you say, how it works to express who you are as a company, and how well it functions as a means for connecting with your audience. Great content means you can captivate readers just as well with a 1,500-word blog post as you can with a 140-character tweet, or a 5-minute video because your audience members value your perspective, feel you have an original voice, and consider your messages to always be relevant to their lives and needs.


When making a recommendation for an insurance company, we did a website redesign for them and we provided them with a checklist to affirm they used the current best practices for producing great content. 

Launching points for great content

Take time to size up your content and put it to the test. Be a tough critic and decide whether it’s really ready by answering questions like:

  • Is it informative?
  • How likely is it that someone will share it?
  • Is it well organized (i.e., will it be easy for readers to follow the logic and make their way though the conversation)?
  • Do you avoid industry jargon?
  • Does the content reflect your brand voice?
  • Is it well written (i.e., free of typos and in a format that will appeal to your audience)?
  • Do your visuals help the content pop?


In the midst of all of those questions, you should weigh whether the content is authoritative. Does it repeatedly convey that you know what you are talking about and are sharing insight that should be valued and trusted? Keeping content clean and relevant should be your mantra.  Using market intelligence to understand what your audience considers relevant is key to forming your marketing ideas and information around your brand so that it commands attention - even in a crowded and competitive marketplace like the insurance industry.

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Posted by Peter Henderson on January 18, 2017 02:49:PM

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