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Inbound Marketing Can Help Generate Leads for Your Insurance Company

The results insurance businesses are seeing after utilizing the practices of inbound marketing are nothing short of remarkable, especially when used in the right way with the right audience. You may be looking for quick ways to improve your business  Or maybe you're wondering what the hype around Inbound is all about.  If you need further persuasion here are three ways Inbound can help improve and streamline your insurance company for future success.

1. One of the staples of Inbound is the ability to provide businesses with realistic, transparent metrics as to how your company is performing day-to-day, project-to-project, and so on.  That means through inbound marketing, your company will have a stronger understanding of which initiatives were successful, and which needed some fine-tuning before further implementation.

Posted by Peter Henderson on October 16, 2014 08:00:AM

Use Market Intelligence to Track Your Insurance Company's Social Life

People are talking about your insuance company's brand beyond the pages for which you alone develop content marketing ideas and information.  They are talking about your brand in blogs.  They are commenting on Facebook pages that don't belong to you.  They are discussing your brand in groups on LinkedIn, and posting videos about you on YouTube.

Posted by Peter Henderson on August 21, 2014 08:30:AM

5 Ways Insurance Companies can achieve Social Media ROI

Posted by Peter Henderson on August 07, 2014 08:30:AM

3 ways to avoid being a loner in social media marketing

Posted by Peter Henderson on July 15, 2014 08:30:AM

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