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The Surgery You Need to Save the Accountable Marketing Patient


Microsite2Those Microsites - To be great at SEO, you need inbound links.  But to get inbound links, you need other sites to link to you. That doesn't give you much control.  "Oh, I know!  I'll create my own little websites -- many financial services and insurance marketers have come to refer to these as 'microsites' -- and link to my domain from those!

Forget about this 'eureka moment'.  First of all, maintaining a bunch of websites takes a ridiculous amount of time and energy, not to mention money.  I mean, where are you getting all the content to keep them going? Plus, for your inbound links to mean anything, they need to be coming from a wide variety of high quality sites.  Unless you plan on creating hundreds of microsites that have a ton of clout with SERPs, this strategy is a waste of your time.


Cut those Microsites - And start focusing on: 

  • Attracting organic inbound links
  • Work on creating content and marketing people love

Do that and you'll see the right kind of linking - the inbound kind.


All that Over-Reporting - We're the last ones to say you shouldn't be reporting on your inbound Accountable Marketing performance, but with the big data explosion has also come a whole lot of time wasted interpreting numbers and analytics that don't really mean anything for you right now.

It's easy to spend an entire day just diving into, say, conversion reports, but what is all that information getting you?  A lot of spreadsheets and numbers do not make an inbound accountable marketing strategy.  Figure out exactly what numbers you need for your business' marketing, and do deeper dives into specific metrics as needed.  It's a better use of your time, and frankly provides more actionable advice than running hours of reports at the end of each month that you never use.


Cut Overreporting - and start focusing on:

  • The metrics you need to succeed
  • Analyze where your financial services business has performed well 
  • Where your insurance brand has its greatest potential




When you are looking into achieving Accountable Marketing performance, make sure you resolve extra thing:  To constantly evaluate whether your activities are moving the needle.  It's always a good idea to experiment with something new-- as long as you know when to say, "when" with the latest and greatest.  And if you need help to ask inbound marketing consultants in Toronto like us.  This kind of self-analysis will keep you running an agile, up-to-date and efficient inbound accountable marketing machine.

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Posted by Peter Henderson on March 05, 2015 07:30:AM

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