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'Must Haves' for Lead Generation on Your Website


We all know how important a website is to your online strategy.  Having a website alone isn't the key to being found by your customers.  Instead, it's the ability to turn your website into an inbound marketing machine. Your website has a hefty goal and it needs to wear many hats.  To improve your brand, your website needs to not just exist, it needs to perform.  It needs to attract visitors, educate them and convince them to buy.  I know what you're thinking - easier said that done.


Today, the web is social and interactive.  It's not static like most websites tend to be.  As such, a website can no longer sustain its own island.  We now need to consider integrating search, social media, content, blogging, and more with our websites.  Gone are the days where all it took to communicate marketing ideas and information was our URL, fancy Flash graphics, and an expensive advertising campaign to temporarily boost traffic.  

The reason for this shift is largely due to changing buyer behavior.  Today's buyer wishes to consume marketing ideas and information when they want and how they want and oftentimes without the involvement of a sales person.  And more importantly, they want to be educated and not sold to.  Websites and new forms of inbound marketing content (such as podcasts, blogging and social media) have become a considerable factor in the buying cycle.


Inbound marketing is more effective in reaching today's buyer.  Results show that inbound marketing has 62% less cost per lead compared to outbound lead generation, or traditional, marketing.  What might not be apparent is the role your website plays.  It's actually a big one.  In most cases, traffic from blogs, social media, organic and paid search end up converting into leads or sales on your main website.  Without a website acting as an online base camp, it would be difficult to attract new business to one source.

That is why having an effective website is so crucial and that it contains key elements to driving more traffic, leads, and sales.  If your insurance or financial services company is struggling to create and deploy your marketing ideas and information online-or you just need a leg up we can do the heavy lifting for you.  Contact us today and we'll see how we can help you achieve your business objectives using inbound marketing.

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Posted by Peter Henderson on October 28, 2014 07:30:AM

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