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5 Tips On How to Build a Website Around Your Brand


When you're putting your brand into play with a new website redesign strategy, think site structure and appearance.  Using your market intelligence, getting the right structure and appearance of your content - from call-to-action buttons to ebooks - plays a significant role in determining your success.  Just as a grocer who places food staples in the back of the store and high profit impulse items at the checkout stand, your website is your store, and your content is your inventory.


For instance, we actually style our ebooks differently depending on who is receiving them, knowing certain people prefer text-heavy content, others prefer heavy visualizations, and others still like content that doesn't exceed 5 pages.  These are the same considerations you should have when building a website around your brand.


Keep these tips on how to build a website around your brand tips in mind when a website redesign and digital content are needed to support your new brand strategy.

  • Structure the website and the content on it in the way your market intelligence shows a prospect would use the site.  Do A/B and user testing to see what works best.  The content and the links between them should flow organically and easily from Point A to Point B to Point C.
  • Prominent placement on web pages of content explaining higher margin products and services will result in more leads for those products and services.
  • Place a call-to-action button for middle-of-the-funnel premium content alongside content for higher margin services will increase qualified leads and move them one step further along the sales cycle.
  • Be certain the value proposition is clear on every page, and in all the content offered for download.
  • Include links to social media networks on the website and within premium content to reach other like-minded people who would enjoy the brand.

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Posted by Peter Henderson on July 08, 2014 08:30:AM

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